After Grooming and Drowning 1,770 migrants in 2017, the E.U. launches yet another attack with 2,500 migrants in just 48 hours!

The E.U. has invaded the European Homeland with yet another Battalion of 2,500 African migrants in just 48 hours, this after grooming and drowning over 1,770 migrants to their death in 2017 so far! More than 50,000 migrants reached Italian shores this year, most of them through Libya.

Over 2,500 Europeans have been replaced over the last two days as 2,500 migrants were collected off the Libyan coast in the past 48 hours. They were NOT attempting to cross the Mediterranean in “flimsy dinghies,” which clearly could not perfomr such a task and were merely for appearance sake just so that the NGO’s, EU, UNHCR and European Occupation Governments can claim they were being rescued. At least eight people have died and dozens are feared missing during this attack.

Actually the answer is simple – stop promising the equivalent of a lottery win (to a 3rd worlder) and close the borders…

Modern Slavery Refugees

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