Draft Italian Law to Stop Traitorous Charity NGOs signalling human traffickers to launch migrant boats using flares and phones!

A leaked draft law has revealed all the underhanded illegal means Charity NGO’s are resorting to in order to make big bucks (from human traffickers) by smuggling African migrants across the Med.

The Italian government has drawn up a draft plan to limit migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

The leaked 11-point plan, seen by both HRW and Amnesty, will be presented in the coming days to a total of nine treasonous NGOs who regularly operate migrant rescue boats off Libya.

This small group of NGO charity boats has vastly increased the intake of migrants in the past three years, from less than one percent of the total in 2014 to just over one third of all migrants rescued so far this year. Which begs the obvious question about whether they are aggravating the situation as the UK house of Lords report has claimed

The UNHCR claims the private rescue teams are now responsible for up to 41 percent.

The proposed code of conduct for rescue NGOs constitutes a last-ditch effort to stem the transporting of migrants into Italy, which has decried a lack of support from its European allies.

“The call of the Italian government on European solidarity is completely justified,” European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said as cited by DW.

“Italy has shown a level of solidarity with refugees that is almost unprecedented in European history over the last couple of years.”

The draft proposal may be seen by the traitors of Europe as more of an ultimatum than a code of conduct, as non-compliant NGOs risk being barred from Italian ports.

The proposed rules include a ban on making telephone calls or using flares to communicate with human traffickers along the Libyan coast – a signal that the migrant boats can launch, which clearly makes a mockery of the “Rescue” claims, if anything the NGOs are endangering lives and should be charged accordingly.

NGO boats will also be barred from entering Libyan territorial waters without clear indications that human lives are at risk.

The private rescue groups will also be forced to allow Italian police to travel on board to enforce the new rules and help weed out any potential human traffickers that may have smuggled themselves aboard among the migrants.
The proposal also expressly forbids the transfer of passengers between boats, as this endangers them further.

The Italian government has grown increasingly hostile towards migrant rescue NGOs in recent months and exasperated with the lack of assistance provided by their European allies in handling the crisis.

“Progress has been made regarding migration policy, but it is not yet sufficient,” Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni told reporters Wednesday, as cited by Reuters.
Some 85,217 migrants have been rescued and brought to shore in Italy so far this year, according to Italian Interior Ministry data released Wednesday. This marks an 8.9 percent increase year-on-year.

Italy has accepted more than half a million migrants and refugees in the past four years.

Is this a sign of maturity in this horrendous and ridiculous situation at a last? I doubt it. Money talks, BS walks…

Don V

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Future citizens of the United States of Europe will be a kind of sub human product of racemixing, a multinational flock with no quality who are easily controlled y the ruling elite

from Practical Isealism by Coudenhove Kalergi aka “Father of the EU”

Globalism 101:
To destroy and enslave a nation make them dependent on foreign workers and make them dependent on and compete in a foreign global economy which removes all focus, loyalty and relevance from their national priorities…



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