Dutch Liberal Traitors Make Meme Come True! Dutch Informer Agency Against Internet Hate Speech Exposed

Dutch Liberal Traitors Make Internet Meme Come True! The Dutch Informer Agency Against Internet Hate Speech was recently exposed for supporting Muslim violence against gays! The Dutch Informer Agency Against Internet Hate Speech (MiND) was caught out last week without the protective vaseline of political correctness about homophobia.

The truth of this well-known Internet “meme” (left) and the one-sidedness and treason by this liberal Dutch agency, where people can report hate speech on the Internet, has recently been proved, when a decision they made in support of incitement to violence against gays, was attacked from all sides.

Moreover, if we follow the logic of their decision, and there is no question of violence or incitement to violence, then those that believe racemixing is wrong, according to the Bible, (or even scientific preservation of true diversity), are acceptable and indeed it is their right to believe so.

The Agency’s decision, however, soon drew disgust in the 2nd House where MPs responded to the statement of the Hotline for Internet Discrimination (MiND). MiND had found that negative statements about gays should be seen in the context of the Muslim faith and was thus OK.

For the independent MP’s Joram van Klaveren and Louis Bontes, this response to a discrimination complaint was incorrect and unacceptable. They made their response last Thursday in questions to the Ministers of Justice and Social Welfare after the website ThePostOnline published the position of MiND.

The two MP’s responded to MiND’s statement that violent homophobia based on the Islamic faith is justified. The calls to violence would be no problem if it happens from the Islamic creed.

They said that this kind of thing should always be up to the Public Ministry. Islam and other worldviews can never be used as an excuse for factual discrimination or calls to violence.

MiND quickly backpedaled and retracted their statement Thursday afternoon, stating that – after new research – there was a “miscalculation” of a few words. There are some phrases that talk of a subversive character and incitement to violence. In this case, the context is important. They also quickly removed their ruling of the Internet, but fortunately we have a snapshot of it thanks to alert patriots:



The controversy comes just at the time that the subsidy to MiND is being discussed as it is due for renewal. Sadly a majority in the Chamber pleaded Wednesday for maintaining the financial aid. Interestingly and unsurprisingly, according PvdA Chamber member Ahmed Marcouch MiND plays an important role for the reporting (or informing) of expressions of group discrimination on the Internet.

MiND is the country’s┬áhotline for discriminatory statements on the internet. The MiND internet discrimination hotline was established in 2013 on the initiative of the Ministry of Security and Justice and the Department of Social Welfare and Employment.

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