It’s True! A second Hitler’s plan to conquer all Europe is being enforced by the EU and UN! – The weapon is enforced racemixing by importing 159,000,000 migrants!

It is a verifiable fact, NOT a conspiracy theory. There was a second Hitler, also from Austria, whose plan was also to conquer all of Europe and bring it under one government, and it is being implemented by the EU and UN and the bankster Elites – The weapon is enforced racemixing by importing 159,000,000 migrants!

Called the Father of the European Union, he was also an Austrian from the early 1900’s and he also wrote a supremacist controversial book like Mein Kampf called “Practical Idealism” in which he called for the enforced mongrelisation (racemixing) of all Europe in order to create a subservient, dumbed down, obedient consumer class which the Elites can rule over…


And no, it is NOT a conspiracy theory, look it up yourself…

Coudenhove Kalergi’s book was called Practical Idealism

Euphemistically named the Liberal New World Order, the entire European Political Establishment, Mass Media, Oligarchs and Elitists who supprt this ruling class have been complicit in this incremental genocide of epic proportions!

It is all there in black and white and it is so unbelievable and so evil, yet so real, that it is once again, impossible for the masses to digest it and believe it, so it is just passed off as a conspiracy theory…

Yet there is even a racemixing award named after him and the recipients include the most evil like Angela Merkel, Herman van Rompuy (EU President), Jean Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk, Martin Schultz, etc. all EU people!

Be afraid, be very afraid. If you value true diversity, which is the variation of races at a population level, and not all mixed up in one individual, you will stand up and expose this mixed race supremacy… otherwise the lack of diversity will lead to the extinction of mankind…


Don V

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