London Attack proves Moderate Muslims Create “Safe Spaces” for Extremist Muslims – British Muslims Alarmed Muslims Did NOT Report Attackers

The latest London Attack proves that moderate Muslim communities create “Safe Spaces” for extremist Muslims as proven by the “alarm and concern” that leaders and members of the Muslim community have expressed that moderate Muslims did not tip off the authorities ahead of Saturday’s terrorist attack in London, the Metropolitan Police commander in charge of community engagement has said.

Although this pronouncement seems more aimed at the exploitation of and fear of anti islamic reprisals, Mak Chishty, the police officer in charge of engagement with the city’s different religious communities, said people close to the assailants must have known something about the plot.

“Unlike a single person, a lone-wolf type of attack who may keep everything to himself, when you’ve got three people in concert, necessarily there must have been some discussion around that.

“And some people at the closest point to them must have known something. And we’re saying they had a duty – the Muslim community is saying – they had a duty to report it.”

This is something one would expect so close after the Manchester and previous London attack. Yet still we do not know the identity of the attackers… clearly the Establishment authorities have still not understood the simple reality that many people, even moderate ones, put religion, race and culture above adopted country.

Chishty, the highest-ranking officer of Muslim faith, was surrounded by faith leaders while he spoke outside Scotland Yard on Monday afternoon.

Reading out a statement on behalf of all Muslim communities, he said: “The Muslim community is alarmed and concerned that this attack by three people, which would have required planning … was not reported.

“It is the Islamic duty of every Muslim to be loyal to the country in which they live. We are now asking questions to understand how extremism and hatred has taken hold within some elements of our own communities.”

He called on Muslim communities to “root out the scourge of terrorism which hides amongst their own people and masquerades as Islam.”

Chishty said the Muslim community was “standing together as one” to try “to keep hate crime, and especially Islamophobic crime, down by showing the strength of unity and bond between all communities.”

Whether this is just another “Taqqiyah” tactic, whereby Islam allows Muslims to lie and deceive in order to spread their ideology (like in Judaism), remains to be seen, but clearly these muslim leaders are somewhat out of touch with their communities…

Seven people were killed and 48 injured when three terrorists wearing fake suicide bomb vests used a rental van to mow down pedestrians on London Bridge on Saturday night. They then went on a knife rampage in Borough Market, stabbing victims with 12-inch blades.

Eighteen people remain in a critical condition in hospital.

However the Establishment and Mass Media will not stop because the key to World Supremacy is moderation of all identities, cultures and religions in order to make them easier to assimilate into a One World Order…

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