Perfect answer to mass migration for West and East, but Chinese Supremacists and Western Traitors pay lip-service to Globalism!

This is the perfect answer to mass migration problems for the West and economic bubble for the East! But Chinese Supremacists and Western Traitors are just paying lip-service to their Globalism and ignore it, just like they ignored the offer from a billionaire who offered to buy an island in the Med to house all the refugees. Living proof mass migration is more about population replacement than actually helping refugees! And yes, Chinese Supremacists are more than happy to quietly watch while Europeans are destroyed buy their traitorous leaders.

At the last count China has over 70 massive brand new ghost cities, yet no refugees are taken in by China. Just one of these Cities can house ALL of the 1.2 Million refugees Germany took in last year! China, which already has Moslim populations, are desperate for people to inhabit these cities and make them viable, thriving sustainable communities, AND the West has millions of refugees they do not want and cannot afford that need housing… yet…?

Come on Merkel, talk to Xi Ping…

Why has UNHCR not spoken to China? Or do the UN have a more sinister agenda?

If the powers that be were as committed to their pathological altruism and globalist One World Order, as they claim to be, millions of African and Muslim migrants would be on their way to occupy these brand new Chinese ghost towns.
These cities and buildings are designed to withstand up to a 9.3 earthquake, they have plumbing, electricity, and are very clean in the interior. The Chinese have a very efficient method for construction…


Or is China building these cities for the future, not the present? A future where the whole world is Chinese? They are after all replicating famous cities and landmarks. China is also buying up half of Africa, with agreements that state that all the produce from these lands must go to China! Will these ghosts cities be filled in the coming years and decades with a massive Chinese population? Maybe the Chinese are not as stupid as westerners, they always play the long game, unlike the short sighted instant gratification West…

On the other hand you can read about how these “ghost cities” – are simply a way for the Chinese to try and create a middle class by keeping people employed building these cities. Yip, sounds typical communist to me. No one lives in these cities because the vast majority of Chinese are dirt poor. It’s a house of cards that will crumble when China has an economic downturn.
The Chinese economy could very well destroy the entire worlds economic structure if this path continues… unless China takes in some refugees…?

Or are China and USA competing in who can crash the world and take charge?

Don V

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