Rapefugees who gangraped woman in wheelchair for hours are protected by Swedish Occupation Government

Video: Rapefugees who gangraped woman in wheelchair for hours are protected by Swedish Occupation Government’s undercover police when confronted!
Sweden: rapists of wheelchair bound woman provided with police bodyguards. The lunatics are running the asylum.
“You are not welcome here!” Brave Swedish man verbally confronted migrants who are suspected of having gang raped a wheelchair-bound woman.
Nordfront.se had previously reported on a gang rape that occurred in Visby on Gotland in the weekend. A 30-year-old woman, who is wheelchair bound, went with a man to a home to use the toilet. There, the man raped the woman and several men also came to the scene and participated in the rape, which lasted for several hours. Five migrant men were arrested for the rape, but was released earlier today.
Here is a video of the rapefugees being confronted about the gangrape of a woman in wheelchair!

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An enraged Swede had located the residence of the suspected rapists by information available on internet and that the building had been sealed off by the police. When one of the residents of the house came to fetch a bag in the house the Swede asked the immigrant if he was one of those who raped the woman but before anything more could happen two under cover police officers cam to defend the rapefugee and interrupted the discussion.
The patriotic Swedish citizen followed the suspected gang rapists, to where the suspected rapist met his two friends. Discussion also occurred here and the migrants confirmed that they had been arrested by the police and then they are told in English that they are scum who are not welcome in Sweden. In the end a security officer can be heard shouting to the angry Swede.
YOUR occupation government is defending the invaders – what more proof do you need that your government is controlled by foreign powers? That is high treason!

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